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Hire the talent you need

Quickly fill open positions with the best and brightest sales, marketing, customer success, product development and engineering professionals— each pre-vetted for technical know-how, emotional intelligence and creative prowess.

Our Mavens are ready when you need to:

 Communicate value
 Educate customers on business applications
 Build strategic partnerships
 Multiply revenue-generating users
 Develop ground breaking products

Mavens are specialized in

 Customer Success
 Product Development

Why hire a Maven?

Collaborating for Success: Partner with Our Consulting Experts or Recruiting Professionals

Pre-Vetted for Success

Access a curated pool of candidates pre-vetted for aptitude, empathy, and coachability. Mavens are industry superstars with 5+ years of experience on average.

Right-Fit Guaranteed

Match with candidates based on cultural fit, mutual expectations, and required skill set. Minimize employee turnover with a risk-free trial period.

Ongoing Support and Follow-Up

We’ll keep in touch regularly to ensure your Maven meets or exceeds expectations