Meet your Match 

MavenChain is a consulting and recruiting agency specializing in emerging technology. We source marketing, sales, customer success, product development and engineering superstars and then match them with opportunities at people-centric companies.

Work is changing and recruiting is too

In an industry built on connection, missed connections are rampant. Bots pass over candidates with clear potential while recruiters struggle to source talented, qualified applicants from a tiny talent pool. When they do, the right fit isn’t a guarantee and the wrong fit can be a disaster. 

That’s why we set out to create a new kind of recruiting agency: One that puts humans at the forefront by identifying potential and investing in it.  The greatest tech innovations weren’t just a consequence of technical talent and raw accomplishment alone, they were built block by block on a rock-solid foundation of shared commitment, collaboration, and trust.  

We recruit the whole person - not just skill sets 

Our human-centric vetting process filters for aptitude, coachability and empathy, so we can match candidates and companies that share visions and values.  

Companies get multidimensional talent they can trust to believe in their mission and move their company forward.  

Candidates will have the opportunity to build a rewarding career with people-centric companies.

The result is an ever-expanding, diverse, and equitable workforce capable of propelling the whole industry forward.

I’m Amy – a connector at heart, helping talented professionals find their ideal position so everyone wins.

I’m also an engineer and mother who realizes how important a diverse and equitable workplace is.

I founded MavenChain to connect talented candidates already making an impact in their communities with exciting opportunities so they can build the tech career they’ve been dreaming of on their own terms.  My mission? To help superstar talent and trailblazing companies say goodbye to missed connections and hello to filled positions and rewarding relationships – one connection at a time.

Are you ready to meet your match? Contact us today to get started.